Full day preschool serves children ages three to five years old.

There are two preschool classes located in the Good Samaritan School.

Individual programs are designed for each child to reach their full potential. Classroom actives promote language, body movement, self-care, getting along with others and academic readiness skills. Preschool classes are limited in size to 16 students per classroom, eight children with developmental delays and eight children with typical development. For more information on the preschool classes at Good Samaritan School contact Tara Shumaker, Principal.

Referrals for preschool students with an identified need and wish to attend Good Samaritan School must begin with the local school district (the school district in which the student lives). Students must meet certain qualifications to receive specialized services at Good Samaritan Preschool. The local school district will schedule either an evaluation called an Evaluation Team Report(ETR) or a meeting between the local school district, parent/guardian, specialists if indicated by the ETR, a representative from Good Samaritan School and anyone else requested by the parent.

Applications for typically developing children may be acquired at Good Samaritan School or in the forms & resources section of this site.

Peers who are typically developing will be screened as part of their entrance requirements. Other entrance requirements include: an annual physical examination; immunization records and family information records. The cost of one year of attending preschool for students who are typically developing is $1,250.

Preschool classes meet five full days per week, Monday through Friday, following the adopted nine month Good Samaritan School calendar. Transportation is offered to students who are typically developing if there is availability.