Family Support Services

What is Family Support Services?

The Family Support Services program is designed to promote the unity of families.

There are two primary goals for the program:

  1. To provide services so that the family may keep a family member with a disability at home, preventing or reducing the need for institutionalization; and
  2. To assist individuals with disabilities in becoming more independent and self-sufficient.

Who is Eligible for Services?

If you have a family member with intellectual or developmental disability, he or she may be able to receive Family Support Services. The family member with disabilities must be eligible for county DD services, even if he or she is not receiving county board assistance. Contact the school nurse at 419-782-6621 to find out about eligibility.

What are the Services?

  • Respite care, both in the home and out-of-home services
  • Training, counseling, and education for family members
  • Assistance with special diets
  • Purchase or lease of adaptive equipment
  • Other

Contact the Family Support Services Coordinator for more information on other areas and examples of possible assistance.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care refers to temporary care of the family member with a disability by a trained relief care provider to meet the planned and emergency needs of the family. Examples include vacations, medical emergencies, hospital stays, or other needs identified by the family. Respite care services may be provided in-home or out-of-home. For in-home care, the provider comes directly to the home to provide the services for the period of time needed. For out-of-home care, the family member can be taken to the home of an approved provider. A family may recommend a provider for approval. Approval must be received before services can begin.

How are Services Reimbursed?

The Defiance County Family Support Services program provides financial reimbursement, based on a sliding fee scale, to eligible families.

Sliding Fee Scale

Household Income

$27,258 or less
$27,259 to $37,759
$37,760 to $48,260
$48,261 to $62,261
$62,262 to $79,762
$79,763 and over

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