Authentic Voice


Authentic Voice

October 27, 2015

In honor of Becky Wright for your support and ongoing

commitment to individuals with disabilities

Defiance County Board of DD

Becky Wright Board Meeting Dec 2015


Becky Wright has been an ambassador for integrated employment long before it was the right thing to do.  Becky has been hiring individuals with disabilities since 2003, when she worked in Louisville, Kentucky.  Since residing in Defiance County and working with Sodexo Food Service at Defiance College, (11 years ) Becky has hired many consumers seeking community employment.

Becky is patient, insightful and kind.  We are honored to have her be the first recipient of the AUTHENTIC VOICES award.

Thank YOU Becky, and we look forward to our continued partnership with you and  Sodexo Food Services





Authentic Voice

January, 2016

Defiance County Board of Developmental Disabilities

For more than 22 years of using the Board’s

Community Employment Transportation


Becky Watson


Becky Watson is a Board of DD success story.  She attended Good Samaritan School, graduating in 1993.  Prior to graduation, she started working in the community and using the community employment transportation service in 1991.

Becky is in her second job, having worked at Kroger for many years and now with   ServiceMaster, cleaning at Defiance Clinic.  For more than 22 years Becky has chosen to have the Board take her to and from work throughout her employment.

Outside work Becky like to paint pictures and do crafts.  She also enjoys attending county fairs.  Becky also has a cat named Whitey.

Thank you to Becky for all your hard work and support of the Defiance County Board of Developmental Disabilities!  We appreciate you!




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